Beltline molding for MX-5 Miata

Many users might be troubled with how to renew the hood damaged by deterioration.

Here we would like to talk about the molding.

On the front of the trunk you can find a 3cm thick plastic molding in the form of a bow.

This part is called the beltline molding.

Both tips of the beltline molding are set up with belt-line protector.

Unless one removes the hood, this molding cannot be exchanged. In other words, they both have to be removed collectively.

The color of the plastic part may fade or deteriorate and one might decide to exchange it, however we shouldn’t forget that the deterioration affects the efficiency too.

This molding has the function of preventing the hood to some extent from rain dropping in.
Through the rain rail the drainage on both sides deals with the water that cannot be blocked by the beltline molding.

For further information about the importance of the rain rail click here.

The beltline molding has a very important function.
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