Converting big differential to NA6CE

Try out converting the big differential of NA6CE, NB6C and NB8C into NA6CE.

Maruha recommends the following conversion kit:
1. Big differential assembly (blast treatment・USED)
2. 4.3 final (the same gear ratio as in the case of NA6CE・USED)
3. Propeller shaft (USED)
4. Left-Right drive shaft (USED)
5. Propeller shaft bolt & nut (new item)
6. Left-Right drive shaft/lock nut (new item)
7. Maruha LSD, side bearing, side oil seal (new item)
9. Mazda Speed differential mount (new item)

Even though the final gear is a used item we check the gear ratio etc. very carefully when assembling the LSD.
We changed the differential mount to a heavy-duty one.
The case is being treated by blast and the final product looks very pretty.

Things to note:

1. There are different types of final gears. Feel free to contact us for further information.
2. The kit is not compatible with genuine Thorsen or other companies’ LSD.


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