Mazda Miata NA headlight set

Headlight set (KOITO)

The genuine headlight of Miata/MX-5 NA is a shield beam type.
In other words it is a type where the bulb cannot be exchanged.

We recommend a type with bulb exchange.

KOITO’s headlight also contains 2 spare bulbs.
It is a very reasonable set.

About the KOITO headlight

The lense is flatter than the genuine one.
It is made of glass.
It isn’t a light plastic type but a glass one.

RAYBRIG multi reflector headlight

It is a popular light weight headlight set.
It is a standard product on the Miata/MX-5 market.
Its power consumption is 60/55W and 130/125W. It uses the highly efficient RAYBRIG hyper halogen.


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