The installation of Maruha’s original hood

We not only sell hoods but also install them. Let us show you the process.

Surface treatment of the hood's folding frame

We treat the whole folding frame, even the not noticeable parts very carefully.

The treatment

1. We disassemble the old hood and check it.
2. We remove the rust and dirt and clean it with steam.
3. Then we repaint it with body paint.

About the rain rail

We always exchange the rain rail.
The rain rail cannot be exchanged without removing the hood ASSY.

We always use Mazda’s genuine rain rail for the exchange.

For further information on the rain rail check out this page.

Weather strip for the hood’s side (for NB)

We recommend the exchange of the side weather strip simultaneously with the hood’s exchange.
Even in the case of NA cars we recommend the usage of NB parts. They can be easily set up.

Front header weather strip for NB

It is good to also exchange the weather strip at the front glass.
We recommend an exchange for better efficiency and against rain leaking.

Side wire

In many cases there is wire abrasion, squeaking noise from the spring etc. For this reason it is necessary to exchange the side wire. However, Mazda doesn’t sell the side wire as a single item. That’s why Maruha designed a side wire which is available as a single item.
For further information check out this page.

Beltline molding

The beltline molding cannot be exchanged without removing the hood ASSY. This means that it is reasonable to exchange it simultaneously with the hood. When the beltline molding’s plastic part’s color or quality changes or it becomes dirty it is recommended to exchange it.
For further information on the beltline molding check out this page.


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