NB turbo stabilizer

We already were using NB stabilizer for NA cars, however since the turbo stabilizer has been out on the market we cannot avoid using that one.

First of all, its color is good.
Of course, the performance is important, but the outside looks are also very important (right?). This is true in the case of this red stabilizer.

It is a genuine part and compared to other tuning parts is it cheap.
Generally strengthened stabilizers cost over US$500.
Of course, there are lots of types of stabilizers, for example hollow types which are light, other types with high efficiency etc. These stabilizers are very attractive too. But you don’t have to worry, because our stabilizer is a genuine Mazda stabilizer and its quality is very good.
Compared to the tuning parts sold on the market its price is low.

  F R
NA6 19mm 12mm
NA8 20mm 11.5mm
NB turbo 23mm 14mm

Let us explain you a little bit about the stabilizer.

The stabilizer is based on the body of the car and connects both ends of the stabilizer to the right and left lower control arms through the end rod.
When the corner ring starts rolling, the stabilizer starts twisting.
In that moment the twisting is being used for the lower control arm, which tries to pull back the car’s body to a horizontal position.
While cornering, the suspension’s outer spring shrinks and using its repulsive power controls the amount of the roll. However, there is no pulling force on the inside spring, that’s why the repulsive power is being produced only by the coil spring on the outside.
The stabilizer is being used on the left and right lower control arm, and it is trying to return the car into a stable position, for this reason it differs from springs which only have repulsive power.

Generally there is a tendency of supplementing the roll amount’s control only by spring rate, but even the stabilizer is a very important item.
The most important thing is not to raise the spring rate to excess, but to raise it by the stabilizer’s control.

The stabilizer’s effect except lowering the roll amount is that the steering returns faster and a fast steering becomes possible.
The good news for users who cannot decide weather to have an under steer or over steer is, that it is possible to get close to the preferred corner performance.

We highly recommend this item.

What do I need for setting it up in NA cars?

The fact is that it’s not possible to set up an NB stabilizer in NA cars. The reasons for this are the differences in the stabilizer’s ending’s shape and the end rod’s shape.

The endings’ shapes of NA and NB stabilizers are different, that’s why the angle of the end rod’s setup changes.
Furthermore, the NA lower control arm’s bracket set up with rod (welded) was not made for the NB rod and this is the reason why the setup is impossible.

This is why we recommend a setup of the NB turbo stabilizer and Maruha’s end rod as a set.

Maruha’s turbo stabilizer

As lately there has been a line-up of types without lubricant too, it is possible to choose out of 4 types of end rods.
For cars that have a certain height, we recommend LSTD and NSTD.
For lower height cars we recommend the LSRT and NSRT short type.

LSTD and NSTD are turnbuckle types, so the full length adjustment after the setup is easy, but the length is almost the same as in the case of the genuine end-rod (Mazda official name: control link)

The setup and the adjustment works are easier in the case of LSTD and NSTD.

It is even possible to mix the links. For example, you can set up LSTD to the front and LSRT to the back.

The SRT (short) type rod’s blue part is a silicone tube.
It has been set up to avoid the damage on the pillow’s bolt.

The rod is a 5-piece set of standard aluminium collars (4 pieces) + thick type collar (1 piece).

If we set up an NB stabilizer into NA, we can use a thick collar to the upper pillow and we can get a good angle of inclination.

Turbo sway bar set with rods

Types of end rod

1. Oil supplying type standard (LSTD)

2. Oil supplying type short (LSRT)

3. No lubricant type (NSTD) standard

4. No lubricant type short (NSRT)

For further information check out the page about the stabilizer end rod (pillow type).

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Maruha Motors Co., Ltd.
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421- 2106 Shizuoka city, Shizuoka prefecture
TEL: 0081-54-294-0076
FAX: 0081-54-294-1312
E-mail: info@maruhamotors.co.jp