NC suspension BC-SPORTS

We prepared two types of rears – one with upper mount and one without.


After driving NC everyone can feel its high quality and the difference that lies between this engine and the NA・NB ones.
Natural intake engine and FR driving force are the light weight type’s backbone.
Consider BC-SPORTS as Maruha’s recommendation for Miata/MX-5 NC, that was made to be a sports car.

Front・double wishbone style

Double wishbone has been used at the front and the rear is set up with a multilink.
If we look at it more closely, we can see that the front has been set up with an in-wheel type double wishbone.
The stroke under and above the tire is being stopped by the shock absorber.
Double wishbone is being used even in the case of NA and NB. However the geometry, the aluminium front arm, the zero clearance bush etc. make it light and low.

Rear multi-link

The rear is the same multi-link as in the case of RX-8.
The multi-link secures the rear moment in different types of running conditions and it is possible to get a highly effective grill power. Furthermore, all the lateral links are set longer and thanks to the change in geometry we can obtain stable movement.
All these are the specifics of NC.
In this case BC-SPORTS is the best suspension for a highly efficient sports car.

Corner approach

In the case of NC suspension Maruha was keeping in mind the ‘’corner approach’’. An important point of suspension is ‘’turning’’. Maruha made it possible for you to take a safe turn on the corners.
The balance of the brake and the suspension lies in the combination of Maruha’s original SR-27・CA-27 pad and the super lock brake line.
SR-27 is a multi brake pad for streets and steep areas.
Furthermore, the good feeling when pushing the pedal is being supported by the line.
The combination of these 3 points gives a very good performance, and we can recommend it to you with confidence.


As we already mentioned above, one of the most difficult things is the safe cornering.
To increase it, we need an F・10kg / R・6kg spring.

The Front upper mount is aluminium pillow-type and it improves the direct feeling of the front weight.

The Rear has a special shaped genuine upper mount for securing the stroke. For cost saving and stable performance a taper-shaped spring has been used with the genuine upper.

While reacting to the moderate brake, its persistence on the corners is good.
Even if the tires have been set up by the maker, there is no more excessive sound and you can get a grip power suitable for the 2L torque engine.
You can drive easily and joyfully even during rainy days.

Maruha’s alignment adjustment

Securing of a moderate vehicle height while the nose turns into the corner and the persistence of the back is typical for NC.
Maruha’s alignment adjustment’s effect should not be forgotten either.
Double wishbone & multi-link – With this suspension alignment adjustment is a must.

Vehicle height and riding comfort

BC-SPORTS is a system that meets all the requirements and needs of NC users.
The recommended vehicle height together with F/R from the ground to the fender arch is 640mm. It is just the perfect size for everyday use.

The spring rate of F10kg / R6kg is really good for NC.
The car’s weight is around 1100kg.
It is a very good combination of the spring and the absorber for everyday use on the streets.


Maruha’s BC-SPORTS, just as the other BC series can be serviced and overhauled.
You can renew your used suspension for a safer use.

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Maruha Motors Co., Ltd.
Ushizuma 2095-6, Aoi-Ward
421- 2106 Shizuoka city, Shizuoka prefecture
TEL: 0081-54-294-0076
FAX: 0081-54-294-1312