Maruha light flywheel/06R Type-C for NC

Introducing the benefit of the Maruha Light Flywheel for the 01R-type C 28R-type C that has already been launched with NA, NB.
Please see the respective corner on 01R Type-C/28R Type-C and 01R Type-C Light/28R Type-C Light.

The light flywheel 06R Type-C

Even a stock flywheel aimed to reduce weight is 7.3 kg.
Maruha targets a weight of 4.3 kg for this stock flywheel.

The effect of the reduction of weight is the improvement of engine brake response, achievement of a sharp acceleration and nimble pickup.
Perfectly suited for people interested in sports and touring!

The light flywheel of Maruha is manufactured by the same method as 01R and 28R.
Since the center pilot bearing like NA, NB is not pressed to the flywheel, 06Type-C for NC is a simple circle hole to keep the correct position at the crank tail.
The computation etc. of the whole balance and exact lock pin position is done by the 3D measurement and hence is very accurate.
Maruha's flywheel is manufactured to achieve and maintain high quality and performance.

It corresponds to a stock clutch disc /clutch cover.
We recommend Maruha CBD (NC copper blend disc) for simultaneous use.


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