SR-6 SK-100S

It is a sports seat using the popular shining mesh fabric.

SR-6 KK-100S

An SR-6 model with Kamui fabric.

SR-7 SK-100

SR-7 just like SR-6 uses the seat frame IS-05.
Aiming for a center position in between the sporty SR-6 and the SR-11 with good driving comfort, in the case of SR-7 the urethane pad’s hardness and shape have been tuned.
SR-7’s SK-100 is a model that uses Kamui and shining mesh fabric.

SR-7 KK-100

Keeping the balance between sportiness and comfort, the SR-7 model uses Kamui fabric.

SR-7F Evolution / SR-7F Evolution

It has been designed on the basis of the sport seat series entry model SR-7 / SR-7F. On the backrest side Kamui black has been combined with high-class leather orange cross line, introducing a new trim cover design.
The combination of high-quality leather and fabric makes the inside of the vehicle look not only sporty but luxurious too.

SR-7F SK-100

SR-7F uses a flat-type seat cushion and the sides are made lower. Furthermore, compared to the SR models it is 30mm shorter and that’s why it can fit into compact cars too.
SR-7F SK-100 uses Kamui and shining mesh.

SR-7F KK-100

A model that uses Kamui fabric to SR-7F.

Exclusive seat rail

SR-6 is a highly efficient sports seat with a new frame construction with the comfort of the full bucket seats.
Its price is very reasonable and therefore very attractive for all users.
Furthermore, it is possible to set it up in Miata/MX-5 NC. There is enough space for it on the door side and center console side too.

Compared to the genuine seat, in the case of NC the seat’s position is approximately 25cm lower. It is an optimal setting for users who prefer low eye point.
There is also enough space for sliding the seat to the front and back.

The NC Miata/MX-5 and the reclining-type RECARO sports seat is a very good matching.

There is a possibility to set it up for NA and NB too. However, in these cases some interference with the door might occur. We are working on a new rail that would solve this problem. Please contact us for further information.


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