Suspension rubber bush

The exchange of the suspension arm’s bush is carried out frequently.
We decide about the exchange depending on the deterioration over time and the car’s mileage.

Maruha provides 3 types of rubber bushes.

Genuine bush set 22pcs

Mix bush set

After Mazda Miata NA6CE has been released JAF started the one make race series. The regulations at that time made it possible to use 6 Mazda Speed heavy-duty rubber bushes; the 16 others had to be regular rubber bushes. The 6 heavy-duty rubber bushes were very effective. This is the reason why Maruha has decided to use this pattern. We recommend it to users who want to tune up their cars.

In the case of the mix bush set we changed the rubber's hardness as follows:

F lower arm (front) rubber hardness 44°→55°×2pcs

R lower arm (inside) rubber hardness 52°→65°×4pcs

Hard rubber bush 22pcs

It is a version with a harder rubber bush than in the case of Mazda Speed.

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