SHOWA COLLECTION shock absorber for Miata/MX-5 NA

Showa is a genuine OEM maker and for this reason its products’ quality is very high. Furthermore, they have very reasonable prices.

Since the Miata/MX-5 NA has been on the market, SHOWA has been manufacturing genuine shock absorbers. It has become the leading maker in Japan.

Out of SHOWA’s new “COLLECTION” series we would like to introduce that for Miata/MX-5 NA.

The production of Miata/MX-5 NA started in 1989 and it is natural that its damper deteriorated in the last 20 years.
Users might start feeling a difference in the tires’ grip and deterioration of the body too.

In the case of the COLLECTION series there is no change in the damper’s layout or size however, the valve, piston, oil seal, oil etc. have been renewed.

The new COLLECTION series imply the newest techniques.

We recommend the exchange of the rubber parts surrounding the damper.

Suspension mounting, rubber
Mazda Speed heavy-duty

Suspension mounting, rubber
Mazda NA genuine

Bump stopper


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