SR-27 (metallic copper)

SR-27 (metallic copper)





This timefs SR-27 is a strengthened pad based on a new concept.

Characteristics of SR-27

  1. an easy pedal feeling on the streets too (it is effective even in cold)
  2. less dust, less rotor attack
  3. stability from low temperatures to high temperatures, fade suppression
  4. high efficiency from mini circuits to high areas
  5. suppression of the abrupt initial braking, balance between pedal stroke and rear

The usual high temperature type strengthened pads are not efficient on low temperatures - secondary adverse effects such as sound, rotor attack, dust might occur. With a higher temperature type these problems get worse.
The pad that removes these troubles and puts a high-efficient pedal feeling and control into practice is the SR-27 (metallic copper).
In the case of SR-27 Scorch processing (surface heat treatment) is carried out. Thanks to the Scorch the surface of the friction material becomes soft, the sound at the beginning lessens and the fade can be prevented.
Maruhafs new idea is the metallic copper/SR-27 high-performance pad.

The current SS-27 model has been designed for street sports and running on highways, while SR-27 has been designed for users of mini circuits and steep areas.
In the case of both pads there is less dust, no sound and the rotor attack is being suppressed.

To NA6 that uses SR-27 we set up an NA8 brake conversion kit.
For further information see Set parts.


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