BC damper (high-rate HR model)

It is Maruha's standard suspension kit, a high spec version of the BC damper.

The BC damper fuses good tire grip and easy driving. Its specs are F8kg/R6kg.
The BC damper gives a feeling of rolling while hard cornering.
This is not only a safety margin but it gives space even to a reconsideration of a stabilizer.

The BC damper (HR model) can respond to all these demands.

The spring rate is set to F10kg/R8kg.
The rates of both the F and R are 2 kg heavier than in the case of the standard damper.
Furthermore, even the damping force is 20% higher and can backup all the drivers of circuits or winding drive.

This is a suggestion to all those users, who can sacrifice easy driving for a feeling of driving on a circuit.

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