NA power steering - strengthened cap

There are cases when from the NA power steering reservoir the fluid overflows.
If we take a look at the engine room, we can see some tries of soaking up this fluid from the P/S reservoir with fabric like work gloves or wristband.

During running on a circuit or in the case of extreme driving on gymkhana the capacity expansion caused by the thermal expansion and the aeration is the reason for the fluid leaking from the brim of the reservoirfs cap.

To Maruhafs special cap gauge we set up a special oil-proof gasket, which is a strong construction against spurting.

It retains the fluid even during extreme driving and doesnft make the engine room dirty.
(Note that the fluid might spurt out depending on the fluid amount and driving conditions)

Furthermore at the tip of the cap we set up a stainless plate with Maruhafs Initial efMff.

Test report

Let us give here a short report. First, take a look at the pictures.

Instead of the P/S fluid (red) that has been used up till now we use radiator fluid (green).
The emersion of thermal expansion is difficult, so we just turned the reservoir upside down.

  1. Even in the case of the genuine caps an O-ring preventing fluid overflow is being set up at the axle, but we cannot get a good sealing effect and the fluid might easily leak.
  2. To Maruhafs cap we added a rubber seal, so it becomes a construction where the fluid cannot leak easily.

Points to note

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