Conversion of the genuine B6/BP piston to high compression piston

Converting the piston to high compression-type and raising the compression is a main tendency in engine tuning.

Maruha as Mahle’s Japanese agent sells top quality forged pistons for B6 and BP too.

However, when you prefer fine tuning and cost saving to top quality, we can recommend you the converted genuine piston.

Maruha keeps in stock not only genuine parts, but converted pistons too.

High compression piston for BP

For NA8

For NB8 Sr-2

In the case of the high compression piston for BP the NB8 Sr-2 piston is being used as high compression one and it can be used for NA8 and NB8 (early model) too.
There is no need for processing.

High compression piston for B6

For NA6

For B6

For NA6 Mazda’s other engine pistons can be used as high compression pistons too.
There is no need for processing.

The compression ratio can be altered from 9.4 to 9.6.

Each ring is adjusted to the piston.

Piston surface treatment

We recommend the piston’s surface’s processing.
 Micro shot peening
 Molybdenum shot
By these two surface treatments the friction becomes lower and the piston can be broken-in more easily.

For more information on Surface treatment click here.


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