Maruha STD radiator for Mazda Miata / New core type

The radiator cap is sold separately.

The Miata/MX-5’s radiator uses plastic tank and aluminum core, its weight is light and it prevents the radiator from rust.
It is better than other heavy brass radiators.

Maruha’s radiator is not only light but has the same shape as the genuine one.

Maruha started developing in 2011 and the result is a new radiator with NEW core.

Maruha STD radiator / New core type – Characteristics

Our new radiator uses an aluminum core (its thickness is the same as in the case of the genuine one – 16mm) and its shape is the same as the genuine one’s.
Its price is very reasonable.

The new aluminum core

Core thickness: 16mm (same as in the case of the genuine one)
Fin pitch setup
Tube pitch setup

The core’s shape is the same as in the case of the genuine one which means that there is no need for further processing.
It is a very useful service item.

For better efficiency it is good to exchange the radiator hose, lower pipe, LLC or thermostat too.
We offer set parts and single parts too. Check them out.


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