SAMCO Sport Radiator Hose

Why don't you replace your radiator hose with SAMCO Sport products, made for remarkable performance?

One of the world's most reliable silicone hoses SAMCO Sport is beloved by top racing and rally teams. It has proved premium quality and reliability in severe racing conditions.
Featuring excellent anti-corrosion against oil and coolant, the product can withstand a wide range of temperatures (from 50 degrees of Celsius to 180 degrees) with the highest performance.
Furthermore, the hose's superb structure with 3 ply layers of polyester silicon and aramid fiber prevents cracking and tearing.

For MIATA lovers, we provide Maruha's special hose on our web site: BRG (British Racing Green)

Inspired by the first special edition MIATA, though the red and blue are typical colors in SAMCO Sport lines.

The BRG type is only available on a special order basis.

Here is your chance to upgrade your MIATA with SAMCO Sport hose. It is made with outstanding quality and durability!