Stainless lower radiator pipe

There are three radiator hoses in NA6 and NA8.

Upper hose - 1 piece
Lower hose - 2 pieces
We made the pipe connecting these two lower hoses out of stainless steel.

Rusty and corroded genuine lower pipe

Mazdafs lower pipe is made of steel material using cad plating.

However, the hosefs inserted part deteriorates over time and it becomes rusty.

Many people donft think about this lower pipe, when considering maintenance,
However, when exchanging the hose and removing the rust from the inserted part, it becomes worn out and looks like a crater. If we try to reuse it, the coolant can easily start leaking.

Stainless steel

The pipe itself, the stay and the welding material too are made of stainless steel.

In the case of all parts we use stainless steel, thatfs why their durability is outstanding.
Because of its high quality, after buying it once, you will not need to order it repeatedly.


The price of the genuine radiator lower pipe is rising every year.
In August of 2011 it was around 37 USD..
If we produce the pipe based on Mazda's price, wouldnft it be possible to produce it using stainless steel?

Stainless steel doesnft get rusty and it can last for a long time.
If you want to keep your car in good condition for a long time, the best solution is to use stainless pipes for the plumbing.

The price has become a little higher than in the case of the genuine one, but we hope that our customers will be satisfied with it.

Set parts

Maruha provides its customers with a profitable set of hose and lower pipe for strengthening the radiator.

Radiator (genuine hose)
Radiator (Maruhafs original silicone hose)
Radiator (SFS hose)

Silicone hose + SUS lower pipe set

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