Using the NA6CE air conditioner full kit in NA8C (R134)

In the case of NA6CE there is a quite high probability of the air conditioner’s malfunction.
The air conditioner doesn’t function (its function is poor) or there is a strange noise coming from the compressor.
Even though you’ve already got it checked it stopped functioning again. Don’t you have these kinds of problems?

In the case of the A/C’s repair it is important to have enough knowledge and technique.
For example, if the compressor is broken you might want to change only the compressor. If there is not enough gas you might just want to refill it. This kind of maintenance is the usual pattern.

The users try to prevent the full deterioration by exchanging the deteriorated air conditioner parts. This means that they have to count with high costs.

Seeing this, Maruha has provided the possibility of using the NA8 air conditioner kit in NA6. The full kit contains the necessary new parts. Even R12 has been changed to R134.
Instead of exchanging the parts one by one and spending a big amount of money on the repair it is easier and safer to purchase a full kit.

Suitable even for NA8 users

We recommend its usage for NA6 but of course, it can be used in NA8 too. Troubles with air conditioners are not restricted to NA6. But it is possible to set up your car with a full kit with completely new items and have a reliable A/C.

Why does a quick repair lead to troubles?

Usual countermeasures

1. The air conditioner doesn’t function properly so one tries to solve the problem by refilling the gas.
2. R12 cannot be purchased easily and that’s why one might use alternative Freon.
3. One might try to repress the compressor’ s noises by injecting additive agent.
4. Another temporary solution can be the exchange of the compressor to a rebuilt one (reused item).

This kind of coping with problems is very usual but there are many problems with it.

Let’s take a look at the air conditioner’s structure.

 The engine’s drive is being transmitted to the compressor by a belt. Inside the compressor the gas is being compressed and liquefied.
 The half liquid gas is sent to the condenser (installed in front of the radiator) and is being cooled by the wind and the cooling fan.
 The liquid gas is being cleaned in the receiver tank by isolating the dirt and water.
 The high pressure liquid gas enters into the room and from the small hole on the expansion valve starts jetting inside the evaporator (gasification).
 The evaporating gas in the evaporator receives the heat from the surrounding and the evaporator begins to cool.
 By a blower fan wind is being sent to the cooled evaporator and like this it can send cool air to the room.
 The vaporized gas returns to the compressor and the compression starts again.

The problems of the parts

The Compressor

In some cases when the user hears the strange noises coming from the compressor he might decide to use rebuilt items (reused items).
However, there is a difference in the efficiency of the links of each maker which means that their reliability is not the best.
While making strange noises very fine metal powder is circulating in the air conditioner unit. This metal powder is the source of clogging.

It blocks small holes like that of the expansion valve and even if there is enough gas injected, the cooling effect doesn’t become better.

In the case of the completely new compressor the magnet switch is attached that’s why it’s safe.

The condenser and the receiver

The condenser full of dust has to be exchanged too. If the gas cooling effect becomes bad the air conditioner’s efficiency lessens too.
The deteriorated receiver is in an even worse condition. Its inside is dirty and its efficiency is bad.

Cooling unit

The condenser is being cooled by the wind and the cooling fan.
The full kit contains the fan unit too. You can enjoy the new cooling effect thanks to the motor fan’s cooling.

The pipes

The metal powder and the dust enter into these pipes. It is difficult to clean their insides. It is not worth Removing and cleaning the pipes one by one. These parts’ joints are deteriorated and can be the reason for gas leaking, that’s why an O-ring is necessary. The O-ring for R134 also belongs to the kit.

Inner unit

The unit is at the bottom of the dash panel.

The evaporator and the expansion valve are already attached to the core case.
When repairing the A/C, the inner unit should be exchanged.

The coolant

The R134-a coolant is being used from NA8. It can be easily purchased.
However, it is difficult to buy R12. Furthermore, it is very expensive. If we use Freon gas instead of it, we have to consider the break-in of the receiver’s water.

A/C belt and the stays of each part

The new full kit contains not only the necessary belt but also the minor parts like the stays and the bracket etc.

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