Swapping the NA8 A/C full kit (R134a) to NA6 (R12)

We provided a limited full kit of 30 sets.

Why did we set up a full kit for NA8 (R134)?

Click here to read about the efficiency of the NA8 kit for NA6.

Check the following points when ordering:

1. Wire processing is necessary

As we are installing an NA8 kit to an NA6 with A/C, wire processing has to be carried out.
Wiring in the case of NA6 is easy. It is enough to make the pressure switch coupler longer.

2. Efficient in the case of NA8 too

All the parts have to be exchanged. (except in the case of cars with already set up ABS)

3. NA6 cars without A/C

In the case of NA6 cars without A/C the following parts are necessary:
 Wire harness N001-61-546A
 Relay for NA6 058700-2340

4. Cars with ABS

In the case of NA6 and NA8 with ABS the following parts are necessary:
 Liquid tube N028-61-464A

5. Cars with only P/S

In the case of cars with only P/S for A/C setup you will need the following belt:
Belt BPF3-15-909
It is included in the kit so you don’t have to purchase it separately.

6. Cars without P/S and A/C

When setting up an A/C kit to cars without P/S and A/C you will need the following parts:
Idler pulley B63H-15-930C
Belt (w/o P/S・for A/C setup) B63H-15-908

7. Cars before NA6CE-150210

In the case of cars with a serial number before NA6CE-150210 the inner unit’s low pressure and high pressure pump’s position is different and for this reason it is necessary to change the bulk head’s hole.


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