Alignment tester

Our alignment tester is made by the American company HUNTER. It is the maker with the biggest share on the market.
Its characteristic is that the measurement takes time but its precision is very high.

Engine bench

The engine bench makes possible the efficiency testing of the engine itself.

It is useful not only in the case of the engine parts but also in the case of the air cleaner and the exhaust parts.

We put the engine on the bench and rotate the motor. We apply electric current to it and create a load. This is the eddy current type electric dynamometer.

Set engine rpm – > Torque change
Set torque – > Accelerator divergence change
and many other situations can be tested.

The Maruha parts like piston, camshaft, crankshaft etc. are all tested on a dynamometer.

BILSTEIN engine cleaner

First, it returns to the tank the gasoline from the fuel tank through the bypass line.
The fuel line of this machine is being connected to the engine.
The machine is set up with a fuel pump and a small tank (2L).
The gasoline is being mixed with special solution. After that the engine is turned on and it is kept in an idling state until there is no fuel left.
The special solution cleans the injector, IN valve, plug, piston and EX valve.
By this useful device the injector that couldn’t be cleaned properly before can be cleaned now. The valve’s adherence also becomes better, the idling stabilizes and the power becomes better.

Corner weight scale

Our corner weight scale is an INTERCOMP product.
It is important to control the load on each wheel. These days, load adjustment is a natural thing.
It is good to carry out weight scaling simultaneously with alignment adjustment.


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