Alternator for Mazda Miata


Alternator & battery set

In the case of a mileage of 100.000km it is necessary to think about maintenance.
The electrical components get used up too.
The representative of these components is the alternator, a power generator.

New product, better capacity

Maruha’s alternator is made of completely new parts.

With completely new parts it is possible to get stable efficiency. Furthermore, we added a 1-year warranty.
Its capacity is 70A.

The NA6CE (B6) and the NA8C (BP) alternator’s different point is the pulley.

Left: For NA6CE
Right: For NA8CE

The B6 fan belt is a V belt, the BP belt is a rib belt. Their shape is different.
We set up special pulleys for both.

Alternator troubles

If there is some problem with the alternator you might experience the radio beginning to cut out, the dash light and headlights starting to dim and finally the engine stops. In this case it is impossible to temporarily fix it until you get to a service shop.

It is important to keep in mind the importance of the alternator, especially in the case of Miata/MX-5 with a mileage of over 100.000km.


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