Power Clutch Impression and Supplements

With the start of the sale of MARUHA POWER CLUTCH SYSTEM, we have already received many inquiries regarding the new power clutch and in this section we will provide a brief explanation about the power clutch's impression and its supplements. It’s a very common impression that the word clutch is associated with something heavy. Therefore people prefer carbon clutches instead of metal ones. However it would be wrong to judge like this. MARUHA POWER CLUTCH SYSTEM (metal) is designed to reduce the pedal effort and is light. The factors of concern are the following:

1. Pedal effort

Generally a heavy pedal clutch requires heavy effort.
It is quite disturbing in traffic jams and red light signals, while driving with the heavy duty clutch pedal.
In MARUHA POWER CLUTCH the spring lever ratio is set in a way so that it lightens the pedal effort and covers the pressure up to 1,000Kgf.

Shown in the above photograph is a pedal effort tester.

The tester is hooked to the pedal and the substantial power is shown by the meter (in Kg).

Case3:SYSTEM CLUTCHES (competitors)30Kg.

MARUHA POWER CLUTCH has been tested with Maruha's test car and we can prove our statement.
However the data of the power clutch differ with the elapse of time (approximately 1 year).
The point is the sliding of the release bearing.
Although it is a trivial thing, refilling of the release bearing grease is a very important job. It gives a lighter pedal feeling.
The standard heavy-duty clutch's bonding power is 600Kgf, and the weight is reflected in the pedal.
Most of us think that a foot pressure of 20 kg is easy to handle and a plus minus of 1 or 2 kg does not make any difference.
However, you can practically feel the difference.
The imitation clutch system of 30kg requires rather heavy pedal effort.
A little power release results in the pedal repulsion.
While on circuits this kind of repulsion is sufficient, for normal drive a difference of 10 kg makes a huge difference.

2. Half- clutch

The "easiness" as well as the "difficulty" of the half clutch are firstly related to the pedal effort because the light pedal is delicate and simple to operate.
The second factor is the disc material. In other words, some materials are easy to slide on and some are difficult.
Maruha has two types of power clutches, metal and carbon.

Carbon disc:

Easy to slide in low temperature and provides good subordination as the temperature rises.

Metal disc:

There is a misconception that the metal disc is not a good option .
However, the metal disc has been in demand for quite sometime now.
You can ride normally using the metal disc as well.
Firstly, Maruha has adopted the following methods to improve the results.
Lubricity is included in the material of the metal, width of the semi-clutch is expanded, and operativity has improved rapidly.
Maruha metal disc provides a wear power of 1000kgf which is perfectly suited for Miata/MX-5.
It is possible to secure the clutch & the disc lock making use of this wear power.
Secondly, the standard disc feather for street rides is 3 but in Maruha the number of feathers is increased, the semi-clutch becoming too severe.
Since it is to lock 6 feathers with 1000kgf, bonding stabilizes and lock ratio increases rapidly.
It results in considerably decreased output and also adds to the light weight factor.
Thirdly, the standard disc diameter for genuine parts ranges from 200 to 210 mm. There are other competitors as well who provide 225mm. However, Maruha's disc's diameter is 230mm, the largest.
Enlargement of the disc diameter to the maximum is very effective.

3. Pickup and shift change

Increasing the disc's diameter means addition of weight.
But Maruha's discs, both carbon and metal are considerably lightweight discs.
As for the carbon, it is only 500g and metal has succeeded in achieving the target of mere 800g.
The total weight of the set of lightweight flywheel, lightweight disc and the forged aluminum cover is approximately 8kg.
This factor provides sharp pickup and shift change as well.

4. The Sound

In the former clutch systems, there was a typical sound when the clutch was pressed.
The reason for this was the pressure cover and the connection by the ring spring but with the new system angular clutch connection sound is subsidized.

Concluding Maruha Power clutch system (metal) is easy to handle and it provides:

It is the up-to-date clutch system which we would recommend you to use by all means.


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