Keihin FCR Carburetor for Mazda Miata

Keihin produced an FCR carburetor for Miata/MX-5.
We have been also selling WEBER carburetors however, lately we recommend the FCR Carburetor to our users.

Keihin’s carburetor has been modified from CR type to a better FCR type.

Characteristics of FCR

Compact, there is enough space for the funnel and the air cleaner.
The carburetor itself is very light.
Thanks to the flat slide valve function there is no throttle left like in the case of the butterfly flap, the port’s inner diameter is efficiently used and it is easy to get power.
If we incline the slide valve the lost pressure at the time of the half throttle can be centered near the jet and we can get better response and fuel efficiency.
Thanks to the throttle operation function the function of the accelerator that responds to 0-3/4degrees of opening becomes better: up to 3/4-4/4 (full opening).
The manifold is made of aluminum with alumite treatment which makes it look beautiful and strong against corrosion.
The whole kit’s weight is quite light.
The rubber joint prevents the engine from oscillation.

Important parts

Fuel cut off switch

In the case of an accident the switch turns off and prevents the fuel from flowing out.

Optional parts

Funnel socks


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