Full bearing ball bush

The suspension arm is made of rubber, that’s why its durability is very good and it can maintain good performance for a long time.
In the case of MAZDA Speed’s heavy duty bush the rubber’s hardness has been changed. Furthermore a heavy duty bush has been added. However, basically it is rubber and for this reason compared to urethane which is being used overseas, it is easier to deal with and has long life.

The rubber bush’s efficiency is not able to follow the severe steering information that is needed in the case of strong racing cars.

Turning the suspension arm into ball bush type is used in F1 too and is the most advanced form. This bearing ball bush’s usage has become possible for Mazda Miata/MX-5 too.

Bearing bush used by car manufacturers

Even in the case of Mazda’s RX-8 and RX-7 bearing ball bush is generally being installed.

Other makers like Mitsubishi use this genuine bearing ball bush too.
For better running this bearing ball bush has an indispensable effect.

This time’s bearing ball bush has the same high efficiency as the genuine ones, provides each bush with dust boot and higher durability.

The longevity of the bearing ball bush is very important for usual cars too.

Steering without compromising

There are lots of cases in One Make Race when radial tire usage is determined by competition rules but the newer the tire, the less the tire wear and there is some time loss.
The newer the rubber, the better the grip. On the other hand, the less tire wear, the worse the steering.

A tire with good grip and a car with a lower center and a good bearing ball bush.

If we use the set of these items properly, it is possible to get a very strong car.

The expression “On the rail” means to make the car run according to a rail aimed by the driver.

The Miata/MX-5 is set up with double wishbone, that’s why we can enjoy high performance.

Exchange work

Differently from the rubber bush, this time the work has to be carried out very carefully and with caution.

It is important that the arm doesn’t bend or deform. For this reason a special jig is necessary. After a proper measurement on the jig we start the exchange work.

We carry out honing on the inner side of the bush housing.
We remove rust and repaint it.

After these preparations we start the bush’s fitting process.

Thanks to this process rust doesn’t occur that easily.

After the press fitting the bearing ball’s press fitting position can be verified accurately.

The bearing ball bush’s flexibility is not as good as that of the rubber, that’s why reliable position press fitting has to be carried out.

Single item

Generally, the bearing ball bush is being sold in sets of 22 pieces.

However, it is possible to purchase it as a single item too.

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