Seat runner for RECARO sports shell

1. The construction of the W-lever lock and the vertical rail

Maruha’s seat runner’s (for RECARO) characteristic is the vertical slide rail.
By this vertical setup we get more space between the left and right rail.
In the case of Miata/MX-5 the most bothering thing is the eye-point.
A low positioned seat is a must for Miata/MX-5.
The vertical rail is optimal for an efficient use of the narrow space.
This time’s W-lock type is stronger and can hold the seat better.

The vertical rail cannot be linked by one lever to the right and left slide rail.

For this reason on the side where the lever lock is being set up the seat cannot be slidden to the right or left but on the opposite side the rail can slide freely.
This is the reason why at the time of abrupt braking the seat may move a little bit. In the case of the W-lock a lever lock is set up on both the right and left sides which enables better seat fixation.
As the lock lever is situated on both sides it is necessary to operate the lever using both hands.

The W-lock lever is designed for the driver’s seat. In the case of the passenger seat usually a single rail-type is being set up. However, there is a possibility of using a W-lock lever for the passenger seat too. Feel free to contact us for further information.

2. Rail stay

Except the vertical rail and the W-lock the rail has got other specialty too.
It is the rail stay’s long hole.

We set up long holes on each stay. By these holes we can slightly adjust the seat’s right-left inclination and height too.
As we all know Miata/MX-5’s inner space is limited but just by this minute adjustment we can prevent the shoulder and door’s interference.

RECARO rail set

The set of RECARO seat and Maruha’s rail is a very convenient set with reasonable price.
Please contact us for further information.

Re-usage of the genuine seat

If you want to re-use your old genuine seat at home or at your office, you can do so with our special stand.


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