Ignite Your Circuit Spirit! The 01R/ 28R Type-C Light

Left : 28R Type-C Light 4.4kg
Right : 01R Type-C Light 3.9kg

For all circuit crazy drivers who have been pursuing more dynamite drives, Maruha presents its new lightweight flywheel: the Type-C Light.
This flywheel, containing the 01R Type-C( 5.7kg for B6) and the 28R Type-C (6.2kg for BP), is produced as a sister product to the Type-C for street sports cars.
The greatest feature of the Type-C Light is that it is about 50% lighter than the genuine MIATA flywheels.
Our new product is expected to be about 20-25% lighter than the Type-C for street users.
Furthermore, data about flywheels for other high-powered cars, Chrome-molybdenum steel and proper heat treatment can provide the Type-C Light with enough strength and durability.

In circuit drive in addition to an effective engine brake on this side of the corner, to deal with severe conditions including a slight pickup and sharp acceleration, carbon metal clutch plates are generally used.

However, the Type-C Light, a race oriented flywheel, is a first class product that fits organic discs and copper blend discs best.

The 01R/ 28R Type-C Light, that brings you a strong but smooth pickup and more dynamic acceleration, has the following features:

  1. Half weight of the genuine flywheels ( 01R Type-C Light 3.9kg / 28R Type-C Light 4.4kg )
  2. Billeted Chrome-molybdenum, a light and very hard steel, consisting of the Type-C Light.
  3. The slimmest design with sufficient strength brought by a 3D design system.
  4. Shaved by a single specialized machine.
  5. Proper heat treatment to enhance the strength, durability and the life of the product.
  6. The pilot bearing is installed into the center of the flywheel to prevent relentless vibrations from dropping off the bearing under severe conditions (our original spec).
  7. The knock pins are arranged on the precise positions by a 3D measuring tester.
    The 3 pins play a key role in positioning the clutch cover and in its smooth fitting over the flywheel to the center the clutch with high precision .
  8. It can be combined with a wide variety of clutch sets. The most popular price combinations will match your needs.

Except for 1, the features are common with the Type-C for streets.
The development of Maruha's 2 types of flywheels was carried out putting our hearts into it and using our long-years experience in mechanics. Thanks to this we managed to develop high quality and user-friendly specifications.

Maruha creates the bearing dropout stopper and the knock pin positioning system using high-dimensional 3D as the world's first design.

The bearing dropout stopper resists dropping the pilot bearing under hard vibrations. As the other great feature, it is possible to press the bearing into the flywheels with less power than when you use genuine flywheels.
So, to sum up, this stopper reduces too much pressure over the bearing by breaking up pressure largely around it, in pressing into the flywheel.

The Type-C Light has the wonderful spec that keeps your bearing condition better for a longer time.

The arrangement of knock pins has a big effect on centering the clutch.
Some products of other manufacturers have extremely narrow pin diameters in order to attach the clutch cover without any pain.

But they don't center the clutch precisely.
Maruha equalizes the positions of the knock pins on the basis of the complete surveys with the 3D measuring tester.
It allows us to center the clutch without any errors.

Fully elaborated survey and the high-tech machines have created the full-featured Type-C.
Your driving will be a blast.

If you need some information about the Type-C for streets, check out the entry about Type-C.