Maruha Super Lock Brake Line

[Super Lock Fitting]

In comparison with the general types, Maruha's Brake Line is a more heavy duty type with fittings by firm press lock.

On the general lines, an olive ( or sleeve ) is inserted at the line edge. 
It prevents brake fluid from leaking by sticking an olive and a fitting inner.
The force of sticking is by hexing threads.

Maruha's new line is different from it.
The inner part's fixing happens by 8 direction press, a sticking by thread is unnecessary.

The genuine line is produced by the same method and is very stable against fluid leaking.

Maruha's brake line is not an assembled line by usual parts, but is being specially produced for Miata. It is very reliable and safe.

[Brake line]

The inner tube is Teflon by Dupont ( patent ). 
The outer braid is stainless steel to protect from heat and damage. 
And the outer clear tube covers the stainless steel braid more.
If the brake line touches the other body parts, this clear tube can prevent the stainless steel and body parts from friction.
An O-ring is installed at the skirt edge to protect the line from the fitting.


Maruha's Brake Line has steel fittings with cad plate processing to prevent from any rust.
Stock fittings on the body side are made of steel. This coupling with steel (body) and steel (line) is better.

Fittings are swivel type and can be twisted to fit easily.

[Wide range line-ups]

There are some types stock lines for Miata, but Maruha Brake lines are available for all models and can supply for front set and rear set each.
  1. For all Miata models except NB8 with big rotors(16" wheel) : code NANB/BL-1
  2. For Miata with big rotors (16" wheel) : code NBBR/BL-1
  3. For front set for above1 : code NANB/BL-F
  4. For front set for above2 : code NBBR/BL-F
  5. For rear set for all models(above 1.2) : code NANB/BL-R

If you want 1set for your Miata, please choose from 1 or 2 and if you require only the front set or only the rear, 3,4,5 are suitable for you.

Maruha's Super Lock Brake Line has the best performance with patented press lock fittings, easy installation and wide range availability for all Miata types.


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