Genuine caliper piston / NB8 (later model) & NB6 (NR-A)

The above listed price is the price of one piston.

In the case of Mazda’s genuine caliper only caliper O/H seal kit is available as service part.
However, in many cases if we disassemble the caliper we can see that the piston is very rusty.

Unfortunately, Mazda doesn’t provide the caliper piston as a single item.
For this reason, we at Maruha made it possible to obtain the caliper piston not only for NA and NB early models but now also for NB8 (later model) and NB6 (NR-A).

Rust in the inner of the caliper

We recommend our original caliper piston for a good O/H.

You can check out our caliper O/H set that contains the genuine caliper piston / NB8 (later model) & NB6 (NR-A).


The caliper’s outer diameter can vary. Please check it before ordering.

Piston outer diameter NA8/NB early model 51mm
Piston outer diameter NB later model 54mm

We don’t keep rear pistons as single items.


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