Maruha’s floor carpet for Mazda Miata NA

The floor carpet is not just only a floor mat for your feet but a carpet that covers the whole inside of the vehicle room.

The stock carpet

First, let’s take a look at the composition of the stock carpet. It can be divided into 3 parts:

These are fixed by using a color trim.

The problems with Miata’s stock carpet

1. The production

The biggest problem is that it seems that the production of the carpet is going to be stopped.
As you know, there used to be many color variations of the carpet for Miata NA. Black, red, tan, beige, silver etc.
However, these days, we cannot get all these colors that easily.
There is a likelihood that their production will be stopped.

2. Difficulties with the exchange

Many people think of the carpet as a part that is not too visible. Many others don’t bother about the carpet too much. And only a few people think of it as an item that has to be exchanged.

But is it really an item that doesn’t need an exchange?

Take a look at the picture below.

If we turn the floor mat over we can see that the floor carpet is worn out. It is dirty and covered with dust. It has to be exchanged!

However, it is not easy in the case of the genuine carpet. The genuine carpet spreads until the dash board going under the heater unit and the A/C unit. To be able to exchange the carpet we have to remove not only the dash but the heater unit, too. This means that the exchange expenses rise higher and the work takes more days.

3. Rain

If there is a crack on the soft top, rain can easily enter inside. However, in many cases users don’t notice the cracks and so they don’t notice the water either.
In the case of Mazda Miata/MX-5 rain can enter the vehicle room not only through the soft top cracks but also through the deteriorated weather strip.
In many cases users don’t know anything about the water that’s stuck under the carpet. The water spoils and becomes smelly. When the user notices these things it’s already late.
Even if you try to turn the carpet over and try to dry it, the bad smell won’t disappear. You can see that in the case of the genuine carpet it is not easy to deal with water inside the room.

The characteristics of Maruha’s floor carpet

Maruha’s carpet for Mazda Miata is split into 10 parts and each part can be set up easily.

It is easy to deal with water inside the room because each part can be removed and dried.

Color and material

Maruha’s carpet comes in different colors and in two different types of material.

Wool (80%wool)

Deluxe (synthetic fiber)

Color trim

The carpet can be fixed with plastic trims. These trims come in 10 different colors and they can be adjusted to the carpet’s color.

For further information on the color trims click here.

The trunk room

As an option, the trunk room, too can be furnished. Please contact us for further information.


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