Maruha’s clutch line

Compared to the former models, it is a super lock type with a stronger fitting part.
In the case of fitting, generally to the tip of the line an olive collar is set up (image below – yellow part) and this part is being stuck to the fitting inner preventing the fluid from leaking.
At the time of fitting the crimp force uses the spring pressure.
Maruha’s line doesn’t fit the olive (collar) using the spring’s force, but strengthens it from 8 surfaces and makes it more solid.
The fitting of the genuine hose is being produced completely by caulking and Maruha’s line’s logic is the same.

Left image: general fitting construction
The yellow part is the olive (collar) and it is stuck to the green inner at the red circle.
The crimp force is obtained by fixing the blue and green springs.

Right image: Maruha’s clutch line’s fitting construction
The center pin (green) uses the collar (yellow), it is strengthened by caulking and for this reason it is safe.
The red fitting part is Swivel’s structure and it can be rotated. In this way the managing of the line becomes easy. At the fitting’s neck a black ring has been set up, which protects the line from dust and meddling.

Clutch line

The line’s inner is a Teflon line produced by the company Dupont.

The outside is stainless overbraid and it makes the tube rounder.
The outer tube is stainless overbraid and it protects the outside from meddling.


In the case of Maruha’s line the fitting part is steel, plating is carried out and that’s why it has an antirust effect.

The car side’s genuine pipe is steel too.

During caulking the fitting enables a rotating Swivel’s type that’s why we can obtain a natural rotation.


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