Cooling vest

People who are interested in racing, be it professionals or hobby drivers, must have experienced the extreme conditions while on the circuit.
Wearing a long sleeve dress, long pants and helmet and trying to concentrate on driving consumes a lot of physical strength and causes lots of sweat to flow.

In professional races, drivers use cooling suits but it's an expensive measure, usually unaffordable for private races.
Keeping in mind the demand and the cost factor of ordinary drivers, Maruha introduced a new item, which is the ATS COOLING VEST.
It is a suitable product for everyone and is inexpensive.
It's good not only for traveling or racing, but also for the person sitting in the gallery under blazing sun and, it's convenient even during golf, fishing etc.

In opposite to the normal ice bags that freeze under 0 °C and are hard as a rock, the feature of the special cold insulator is that the liquid in the cooling bag freezes at 25°C and remains very soft and flexible.
Due to the normal freezing point of 25°C the bags can be cooled even in ice boxes that you carry when going out.
Very portable isn’t it?
When coming in contact with the body, the ice bags give a cold shock but with ATS Cooling Vests there is no cold shock to the body.
The ATS cooling bags use a special technique that prevents dew drops from condensing outside to the surface keeping the vest dry.


All vests come with the cooling pads, the above pads are for replacement.


Inserting the new cooling pad into the vest is very easy.
Just put the cooling pad in the exclusive vest pockets (front and back sides).

Due to the softness it’s quite comfortable to move around wearing the vest.
Perfectly suitable for restraining the temperature rise in the car/motorbike race.
Effective when traveling, during spring and also midsummer races.

Since it is soft, it allows smooth body movement.
The vest is only 70gm and the gross weight of the 6 cooling pads is 900 gm.
It is a very handy product for mechanics who work under blazing heat.
The cooling effect has been demonstrated in 150 and more field tests.


Material - neck: nylon 100% (mesh)
The cooling pad: EVA (appearance)/organic system thermal storage freezing material (the inside material)
Size: free size
Color: blue, black, yellow, red
Product contents: cooling vests, cooling pad 130 (6 pieces included).

Cooling neck

the neck cooler comes only in blue.


It is an item that can be used very easily.
The bags can be cooled in the refrigerator as well as in ice boxes due to its normal freezing point of 25°C.
The air cooling effect continues for about 20~100 minutes.
Because it is using a special coolant that freezes at 25 degrees, there are no dewdrops and therefore it gives a dry feeling.
A very portable product for mid summer racers, mechanics, gallery watchers etc.

Merchandise specification

Material neck: nylon 100% (mesh)
Cool pad: EVA (appearance)/organic system thermal storage freezing material (the inside material)
Size: free size
Color: blue
Product contents: cool down neck, cool pads 1 piece included.

Characteristic of the Cooling Pad

The conventional material freezes at 0 °C and dew drops form as soon as it comes in contact with the outside temperature.
On top of that, the heavy weight and hardness make it uncomfortable for body movements.
Whereas with the ATS cooling pads, dew drops do not form due to the normal freezing point and its softness allows comfortable body movement.
Moreover, the material can endure heat up to 80 times more than that of normal ice.
The secret of the highly efficient air cooling action lies in the new material used by ATS.


*1 There might be very little dewdrop but the quantity is not noticeable.
*2 Air cooling duration might change with temperature and environment.


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