Cut-off switch Mazda Miata

The fuel pump switch of NA6CE (B6) is inside the air flow meter.
When the flap opens the fuel pump’s switch turns on.
The flap works like a door. The more air enters the bigger the opening.
The opening of this door turns into electric resistance and makes the ECU calculate the intake air amount.
If the air flow meter is removed the coupler terminal to the air flow meter (fuel pump power) is shortened and it is necessary to turn the fuel pump on when the ignition is ON.
In other words, the fuel pump keeps moving regardless of the engine’s starting.

In Japan, there are many tunnel accidents. It is said that the fuel tank has been changed because of these accidents.
At the time of collision the fuel starts leaking from the damaged tank and it can lead to a fire.
The part from where the fuel leaks is the fuel tank’s bottom drain.
The drain is very useful when cleaning the tank and having to remove water and dirt from it. However, in the case of many accidents the leaking is from the drain. For this reason it has been abolished.
This means that in these days’ fuel tanks there is no drain.
Lately there are many tanks made of plastic that are stronger against damage.
The plastic structure is soft and flexible and can fit into the vehicle’s narrow space.

Let’s imagine that straight after the collision the fuel doesn’t leak only from the tank but also from the engine’s side and imagine the driver who has lost his consciousness.
The power is still ON.
The pump continues rotating and from the broken wires sparking starts.
The fuel comes in contact with the hot exhaust parts. This all leads to fire.

The cut-off switch turns off the power in the case of an accident.
There is an easy trick to its installation.
We make a short cut by the coupler for the air flow meter and wedge in the switch.

Even if the switch temporarily turns off it can be restored by only pressing the red top part.

Even if you shake the switch lightly it will turn OFF but if you press its top it will work again.

This item is being used for races but you can see how effective it is. It can save the driver’s life.

In the case of Miatas after NA8 the fuel pump is being controlled by the ECU and for this reason the switch is not necessary.

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