Maruha 4 throttle system / ECU ( Freedom)

When you want to begin engine tuning, you may wonder where to start and what to look for. 
Most people believe that adding the ultimate expensive parts will transform their engine into a powerful one. 
Unfortunately the story is not that simple. 
Tuning your engine is much like cooking, adding the most expensive ingredients to your dish doesn't make the dish any better without the proper cooking technique.

In engine tuning, attending to the finest details is just as important as the ingredients you put into your dish. 
For example, proper measurement of the piston points, piston skirt edge fitting, cleansing of the engine block and crankshafts, 
weighing pistons and connecting rods, etc. 
Every engine tuner is aware of this, however not many garages have as thorough understanding as Maruha Motors. 
Our knowledge has been refined through decades of experience assembling the Miata engine, 
trying out different Maruha parts in preparation for races, while attending to our customers' needs; one thing is for certain, 
caring for the finest details leads to precision techniques.

Precision engine tuning involves many aspects that can only be addressed comprehensively by an engine control unit (ECU). 
In Japan, Motec is popular among other car makes but rarely used by Miata owners due to its high price and the length of labor involved in its difficulty in wiring. The less pricy alternative is HKS, however only preapproved licenced dealers can connect your PC to any HKS product, making hands-on engine tuning by owner virtually impossible. 
Maruha Motors does not concur with this highly monopolized method and we expect everyone to enjoy tuning anywhere, anytime.

The Link ECU seems to be popular among US Miata owners, however we would like to introduce a more reliable ECU for you from Japan. 
It is the Freedom ECU, made in Japan by E&E Systems.

Freedom ECU Features:

1. Specially designed for all Miata models.
2. Easy coupler-on installation. (no connection to body wire necessary)
3. Available for both D-jetro and throttle-open control types.
4. Program change (up to 4 channels) with ease by turning a small dial
on the ECU body. (Please see picture below.)
5. 3D maps adjustment (software and cable are optional)
6. Suitable for all engine types including turbo-charged, supercharged, 
4 throttle injection systems, etc.
7. Available for all Miata models including VVT camshafts.
8. Reasonable price.

Program change made easy through this 4-channel dial located in the middle of the picture.

The Freedom ECU is available only in Japanese unfortunately, and the English version is not available yet. However, 
we will supply our customers with an English operational manual with your purchase upon request. 

If you prefer to use another ECU such as Motec, HKS or Link for your beloved Miata, you are welcome to purchase our 4 throttle injection system kit without the Freedom ECU unit. 
We at Maruha Motors want you to enjoy engine tuning by your own preference.


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