HI POWER JET Reducing Piston Friction

Excessive piston friction against the cylinder causes damages to your car such as oil leaking and low power.

HI POWER JET, a lubricant spray for cylinders, improves car performance effectively by reducing piston friction with simple and quick procedures. This product is easy to handle for this reason it is a better solution than other techniques, saving your time.

Left: HI POWER JET (spray can) /Center: Cylinder Cleaner (spray can)/ Right: The outer package of HI POWER JET kit


Shake the spray can well before using.

  1. Remove all piston plug pins and cables from the piston throttles.
  2. Move the piston to the bottom dead center (BDC) position.
  3. Spray the Cylinder Cleaner into the cylinder for several seconds. The Cylinder Cleaner removes grease inside the cylinder.
  4. Leave in one minute to volatilize the cleaner substances.
  5. Spray HI POWER JET inside the cylinder. The nozzle allows to spray the lubricant onto the cylinder evenly all around.

    The Cylinder after spraying. The molybdenum disulfide film on the cylinder surface helps to reduce piston friction.
  6. Reconnect the piston plug pins and cables with the piston through the plug holes. Make sure that all the pins and cables are screwed firmly into place.
  7. Start the engine. Keep idling for 10 minutes.


HI POWER JET, featuring molybdenum disulfide for decreasing friction loss, contributes to acceleration response improvement as well as to reducing engine noises.

We did a bench test on the product performance of a normal car (Nissan SR20DE) .

The data show

blue line:before
red line::after

that the car increases the power and torque after using HI POWER JET. In addition to this, the product helps to reduce CO and HC emissions with the improved engine combustion efficiency.

Furthermore, in actual uses, it is proved that HI POWER JET allows better fuel economy in daily long-distance driving and that, in circuit racing, the engine revolutions increase at straight ends by spraying just before racing.

Try HI POWER JET and feel the high performance!

The product should be handled by a professional.
Before operating, please read carefully the concerning web pages to understand the operating procedures of the product.


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