Mazda Miata NB headlight ・exchange harness

It is a very convenient set for the conversion of the NB early model headlights to NB later model headlights.

The headlight’s wires consist of: the headlight, winker and the small (position) one.
The headlight and the small (position) one have been changed in our wire kit. The headlights have been changed from H4 to HB3・NB4.

The NB early model’s bulb is a H4-type.
In the case of type H4, one bulb uses double filament and it is divided into high-beam (HI) and low-beam (LO).
NB later models use HB3 and HB4 bulbs and they have the function of HI and LO.

Not only the coupler’s shape is different but also the lights disposition which means that the wire processing is not easy.
That’s the reason why Maruha produced a harness kit that doesn’t need any processing.

The difference between the early models and the later models

Left: NB early model Right: NB later model

Up: lights off
Center: low beam on
Down: high beam on

NB early model

The H4 bulb switches between Hi/Lo and for this reason the optical axis changes.

NB later model

HB4 (inside) is high-beam type, HB3 (outside) is low-beam type. However, may it be high beam or low beam, they have to be turned on simultaneously.


 Compared to the other parts the headlight’s electric current is big. Please carry out the work carefully.
 Connect the ground wire to the vehicle properly.


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