Mitsuoka 01 tuning

In the background the Alps.
Driving in a place like this is much more fun than usually.

Maruha’s 4-throttle system.
The throttle body with 45mm bore.

Mitsuoka 01 uses the unit of Miata/MX-5 and for this reason it is Maruha’s strong point.

It is a car that can display Maruha’s technology and original parts.

Mitsuoka has gained attention in Japan as a newly approved car manufacturer. The characteristic of Mitsuoka 01 is that the unit and suspension system are the same as that of Miata/MX-5.

In the beginning B6 was installed and after that it was changed to BP.
However, unfortunately its production has been stopped.
So it is impossible to get a new car.
The reason why its production was stopped lies in the side impact.
Because of this light sports car’s elaborate frame construction it is weak to collision. Even though the frame is very stylish it cannot respond to the safety standard, which led to its end of production.
Even if one would like to try to build this car, it is impossible. The reason for this is the fact, that Mitsuoka doesn’t have the frame in stock.

It seems that you can get the parts from the maker however, you can also use Miata/MX-5 components. This means that if you somehow manage to obtain the frame, you can assemble the car.

Of course it is not difficult to manufacture the parts needed, it is all about cost problems.
There have been talks about overseas production however, this cost would be high too.

Now let’s get back to tuning.
To tell the truth, Mitsuoka with its light weight is already fast enough as it is.
The 120-130PS power is very good for this car.
However, there are many people who want to have a more dynamic car and get more intense power.

The power up affects the power-weight ratio.
For example, if you add 5PS to a light-weight bike, you can feel the difference easily, but it you add the same PS to a heavy four-wheeled vehicle, you might not feel any difference.
Mitsuoka 01 is one of the extremely light ones.
Mitsuoka 01 is a very valuable car for Maruha.
We think that heavy tuning doesn’t fit a light vehicle, that’s why the basis should be NA tuning with importance on the exhaust-intake.

The Mitsuoka we want to introduce this time is set up with forged piston, 264°cam, 4-throttle with 45mm bore, controlled by Freedom ECU.
By our measurements we can get 210PS. The menu includes Maruha parts and Maruha’s program.
Even though the clutch cannot be easily exchanged in the case of Miata/MX-5, in Mitsuoka we can exchange it easily with our power clutch.

You can drive it safely even on low speed and its revolution is very charming.
It is very regrettable, that this car is not being produced anymore. And if one tried to assemble it, it would cost him a lot of money.


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