O/H of Mazda Speed LSD

These days, the LSD that’s the most popular is the Mazda speed LSD. However the casing is a casting product for mass production and sometimes when one wants to change the initial, the case can be easily broken.
To the change of the initial we can use a disc with different thickness or add a shim. However, Mazda doesn’t provide any of these choices.
At Maruha with the general O/H kit for Mazda LSD, we have in stock the necessary additional shim too.
We can provide it for NA6CE, NA8C/NB (all types). Its thickness is 0.1mm.
The recommended number of shims is 1. In the case of using 2, which is the maximum (+0.2mm) there is a risk that the stress on the casing would grow.

Mazda S LDS O/H kit


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