Maruha Oil Block Adapter

Contents of Maruha's Oil Block Adapter
Left (from the outside to the inside): Adapter body/ O-ring 68mm/ O-ring 56mm
Right: Two center bolts for all MIATA models

Normal car races and autocrosses will give you great fun if your car is well tuned.
However, the engine condition must be always checked to prevent trouble in severe circumstances.

Gauges in normal cars, unfortunately, cannot read precisely the status.
In order to make the engine condition visible, extra monitoring devices such as gauges for oil pressure, water and oil temperature are must-have accessories.

There may be numbers of owners who are interested in these extra gauges, but it seems that some of them do not have any ideas about how to and where to install them into cars.

Maruha's Oil Block Adapter, a user-friendly tool, will help you set up extra gauges easily.

The picture below shows how to install the Maruha Oil Block Adapter, which is fixed between the oil filter and the engine block (cylinder block).
The product allows them to be fixed with two 1/8 PT threads for electric oil pressure and temperature gauges, and with one 14mm~1.5mm thread for mechanical oil temperature gauge.
Furthermore, the additional center bolts make the oil block suitable for all MIATA models.

Maruha Water Temperature Gauge Adapter is also available.
For more information, please visit the page about Maruha's Water Temperature Gauge Adapter.



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