RECARO philosophy

People’s body types differ. The car’s seats have the most important function in connecting the driver and the car. Even if the car’s efficiency is really good, if the seat is bad or it doesn’t fit the body, driving might become hard.
RECARO as a car seat manufacturing specialist used knowledge of human engineering and orthopedics when developing its products. They put emphasis on the driver’s health and safety. Thanks to the RECARO seats the driver is in a correct posture.
The “seats that don’t know anything about fatigue” are very popular in Europe, where long drives through borders are very common.
You don’t have to adjust yourself to the seat. The RECARO seat adjusts itself to you.

In 2006 RECARO celebrated its 100th birthday.
RECARO was founded in 1906, in Germany as a carriage maker. In 1973, 10 years after RECARO started specializing on seat production, its ideal seat reached world-wide popularity.

In Japan, RECARO has the image of sports seats. However, we have to mention that there are 4 categories: 「SPORT」,「MOTOR SPORT SHELL」, 「COMFORT/LUXURY/MEDICAL」and「CHILD」. We can see that during the development of the seats RECARO thought of all kinds of driving types.
RECARO’s lineup allows everyone - starting with children to seniors, people who have back pain etc. – to enjoy a comfortable drive.


Human engineering

It might sound unbelievable, but for the human mind “sitting” is a more tiring posture than “standing”. It is said that the stress while sitting is 1.4 times more than in the case of standing. If we take a look at a standing person, we can see that his spine’s shape has the shape of the letter ”S”. However, in the case of a sitting person, the spine has the shape of the letter “C”.
The “S-shape” has the function of a spring, it is supposed to protect the body from stress and divide the intervertebral disc’s burden.
The “C-shape” on the contrary, concentrates the burden on one point of the intervertebral disc.
The reason why we feel at ease when we sit, is that the burden of the legs and knees has been released. However, in these cases we feel the burden on our hips.
RECARO has developed its ideal seats using human engineering and orthopedics.

RECARO’s specifics


RECARO’s feeling of comfort lies not only in creating a comfortable environment, but in creating an environment with easy operation.
This is the reason for using knowledge of human engineering and orthopedics. Even if you drive for long hours, your concentration won’t drop. It makes the driver withstand fatigue and backache.
RECARO didn’t only introduce a seat that “doesn’t know fatigue” but it also added more comfort to it.

The seat that “breathes” – RECARO VENT

The sweat from the back, the hips and the bottom is not only uncomfortable but it cools down the body and makes it easily tired and causes backache.
RECARO solved this problem by installing ventilation into the seat.
This is RECARO VENT. The characteristic of the system is the built-in electric fan in the seat’s backrest and the heat is being regularly removed.
For this ideal RECARO co-worked with the company Gore that is famous for its Gore-Tex material for all weather and developed the ground-breaking seat material called Gore CIS.
RECARO VENT promises refreshing driving environment throughout the year.
It’s not like an air conditioner that lowers the body temperature.


Safety doesn’t only mean air bags and ABS. As a specialized seat manufacturer, RECARO thought about safety in a different way from that of car manufacturers. The seat is the biggest contact point between the car and the driver and it is a shock absorber too. RECARO’s main thought is that even the seat should be responsible for safety. They introduced the crash simulation system, and set the safety standard of shock resistance to 48G, which is way higher than the 20G standard of Germany and Japan. The result is the monocoque construction. The RECARO seats are set up with many types of adjustable functions and they can catch the body properly and lower the possibility of getting hurt.

RECARO’s safety setting


“The shape follows the function.” In other words, RECARO’s idea is that the design is the result of the functions. If we take a look at the RECARO seats, we can see that their design’s main point is not the design itself, but human engineering, safety, comfort and form.
Even if you change your car, you still can use your RECARO seat for a long time. Another important characteristic is that the RECARO seats don’t affect the inner space of the vehicle.

The RECARO seats are made for users who think of their own safety and want to enjoy driving without becoming tired.
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