Red Line oil

Out of the oils used by Maruha Motors, Red Line is the most standard one. After long years of usage we can recommend this efficient 100% synthetic oil with confidence.
The main point is the polyol ester mixture, which is being used for the jet planes’ high temperature turbines too. And many others could be mentioned, but for a start, let’s see the actual results.
At Maruha, it is the most prominent oil used for racing.
So that from now on it becomes easier to purchase, we lowered its selling price. We’d like to make it available in this price as long as possible.
We’ve also made optional sets of the different types of oil cartridges, drain bolts, washer drains etc.

Feel free to use these options.

Red Line general engine oil

Red Line is completely a 100% synthetic oil.
The highly efficient base oil merged with additive agent is set to provide as much increased protection as possible. Mixed with polyol ester, that can uniquely correspond to these days’ jet turbines, it manifests its settled performance even under the terms of high temperatures. Redline’s efficiency lies not only in high sealing and washability but in the fact, that it displays excellent effect in oil consumption and abrasion and it can bring out the engine’s performance.
It's got high reliability even if we compare it to all the other oils with excellent oxidation resistance and stability towards the strong oil film retention and temperature changes around the bearing and camshaft.

Red Line race oil

It is the beloved race oil of many top racers and teams from all over the world.
It is characterized by powerful oil film retention, low friction and stable performance during temperature changes. We recommend it to users, who put emphasis on circuits and race.

[Gear oil]

[Water Wetter]

Results of Red Line’s dyno test

50% glycol + 50% water 126°
50% glycol 1+50% water+WW 122°
Only water 122°
Water + WW 112°


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