Remoted oil block Miata MX-5

Miata MX-5 Remote oil block kit Miata MX-5 Remote oil block kit

The oil cartridge can be found on the right side of the engine block. Its exchange should be carried out periodically and its maintenance shouldnft be neglected. Maruha has relocated this oil cartridge and improved its maintenance.


  1. The relocated oil cartridge can be found under the crank pulley. In this way the exchange of the cartridge becomes easier.
  2. Both, the base block and the remoted block have a compact shape.
  3. A simple standard AN10 fitting grants strong efficiency.
  4. Instead of using die casting for cost saving, we used NC machining. With this we got a very beautiful curved line and a high quality design.
    Miata MX-5 Remote oil block kit Miata MX-5 Remote oil block kit
  5. The oil temperature and oil pressure sensor are compatible only with 1/8PT.
    Miata MX-5 Remote oil block kit

Letfs take a closer look.

Why do we relocate the oil cartridge?

The oil cartridge is a part which for maintenance has to be exchanged regularly. However, in the case of Miata/MX-5 (NA and NB types) the oil cartridge is situated at the right side of the engine block (right under the intake manifold) and thatfs why its exchange is difficult. If we remove the cartridge which is turned sideways, the inner oil flows out and makes the periphery dirty. By relocating the oil cartridge its exchange becomes easier and cleaner.

Right under the crank pulley

Kits for a relocated cartridge are being sold by other companies too. However, in their case the cartridge has been either mounted on a high spot inside the engine room or placed inside the right wheel housing. In this case while driving, dirt and small stones might enter into the cartridge. While thinking of relocation, Maruha had a few conditions in mind.

For all these reasons we chose to set it up under the crank pulley.

In this way it is being protected by the underguard and usually it can stay clean.

Its condition can be checked easily.

Billet technology

In the case of mass production generally the big parts are being produced by die casting and the smaller parts by machining. It is true that in this way it becomes cheap, but it doesnft look good.

Our company uses aluminum machining for the block.

We managed to produce a shiny curved line and the whole part is light after using CAD data ring.

For example, this aluminium adapter below.

It has been designed for AN10 fitting, but it has been produced from one aluminum block by machining. We feel proud that we could get such a slim and nice design.

AN10 fitting

There is no need to use push-on technique, everything is carried out by fitting.
It is important to make the setup easy, but we shouldnft ignore that the removal, too, should be easy.
In the case of the push-on technique everything is being fixed by the hose band, thatfs why it is not easy to remove the hose later.
This is a very important point and so when keeping in mind an easy removal and stabilized efficiency, fitting is indispensable.
Even if this naturally affects the cost, Maruha regards efficiency as the most important point.
The universal oil line diameter is AN8 and AN10.
For a secure and sufficient flow we use AN10.

The base blockfs construction

Below you can see the base blocks of other companies.

For lowering the costs, the bolts have been fixed inside the block. However, in this way the block itself cannot be set to any optional position.

If we exchange the O-ring or reset it, the position of the lock changes. In this case it is necessary to reset the line and the fitting angle, thatfs why it is a troublesome way.

Maruhafs base block is a flexible construction of 2 pieces, which uses the center bolt, and so the optional positioning or stabilizing becomes possible.

Construction of the remoted block and the sensors

The remoted block is being fixed by billetfs aluminum stay.
The stay uses a bolt for fixing the steering rack.

There is a 1/8PT bolt in the block which enables the installation of the oil temperature and oil pressure sensors of other companies.
However, it is a compact setting compatible only with the sensor below.
It is a DEFI product.

In the case of imported cheap meters the sensor is big, so we have to be careful. According to our experiences the auto gaugefs sensor is big and it cannot be installed. (May 2012)


In the case of the O-ringfs maintenance and after-service you don't have to worry, because it is possible to get it as a separate item.

Special instruments

Except the usual tools at the installation we use special instruments too.


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