Rotor conversion from NA6CE to NA8C

Let’s take another look at the NA6CE brake system

It used to be frequent to use the NA8 brake system in NA6 cars. It was possible when one obtained NA8 used parts.
However, it is not that easy to get those parts.

Together with Maruha’s original strengthened pad we set up an NA8C rotor conversion kit.

For further information on the price of the set parts check out this page.

Left: converted rear
Right: converted front

The merits:

  1. the original caliper of NA6CE has been reused keeping in mind cost saving
  2. the rotor is from NA8C, keeping in mind the strengthening of the brake power
  3. a 14 inches wheel can be used
  4. reasonable set price

Important things for the NA8C brake system

To the conversion we basically need these things:

Left: for the front conversion
Right: for the rear conversion
  1. brake rotor for NA8
  2. caliper support for NA8
  3. brake pad for NA8
  4. metal fitting for NA8

If one has these four items a conversion without processing is possible.
The problem is the metal fitting item.
This item cannot be bought from Mazda as a separate item.
Furthermore, if one needs only this item, one has to purchase the Mazda genuine pad. This is useless spending of money.

That’s the reason, why we prepared the following:

About the metal fitting for the front

The metal fitting that is over and under the caliper support can be used for NA6 and NA8 too.
However, the back plate’s shape that is on the back side of the pad is different in the case of NA6 and NA8, that’s why it cannot be reused.
The pad’s back plate has a thermal insulation effect and makes it difficult for the frictional heat to get from the pad to the caliper piston. Furthermore, through the grease it suppresses the noise coming from the pad. We recommend the usage of the metal fitting for the front.

About the metal fitting for the rear

Left: caliper support (mounting support) for the rear set up with the metal fitting. Metal fitting cannot be used in NA6.
Right: the installed pad

The rear’s fitting’s shape is totally different in the cases of NA6 and NA8 and so it cannot be diverted.

We at Maruha prepared the metal fitting as a separate item, so you don’t waste your money.

The rotor’s diameter

The rotor’s diameter is different in the case of NA6CE and NA8C.

NA6CEF 235mmR 230mm
NA8CF 255mmR 250mm

As you can see, the NA8 rotor’s diameter is bigger.
This difference changes the efficiency.

About the rotor’s and back plate’s meddling

When we talk about the rear, we have to note that the back plate at the rotor’s back needs to be undercut.
We recommend to make small cuts on the plate and widen it this way.
As for the front, if we bend the back plate to the inside, we can process it quite easily.

The caliper piston’s diameter

The genuine caliper pistons in NA6 and NA8 are completely the same.
In other words, if you reuse the caliper, the brake system will have the same effectivity as in the case of NA8C.

Full lineup

The target is NA6CE, so even the brake line and the caliper itself need an O/H. As we are already doing conversion, we could freshen up everything.
Maruha’s set includes all necessary parts and it is very convenient and reasonable.


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