MARUHA SST (special service tool): The Crank Lock Plate

There are various special tools available for MAZDA Roadster; however the Lock Tool that loosens the center bolt of the crankshaft was not available easily.
Professional shops and upgrading factories possess Impact Wrench which is used to loosen the center bolt.
It is difficult to loosen the center bolt without any tools.
Moreover fixing the crankshaft is another difficult job. Although there is a method of fixing it by using the ring gear of the flywheel, even this seems to break an important gear.
Keeping in mind the demand, Maruha introduced the Crank Lock Plate, which is an exclusively helpful item for even the non professionals.
Maruha SST Crank Lock Plate is useful even for garages because the lock bolt can be removed in a narrow or small space.

1. Why does the center lock bolt need to be removed?

In case of exchanging the timing belt and water pump in general maintenance, all the bolts and nuts need to be removed. The timing belt cannot be removed unless the pulley boss and the center lock belt are removed.
Therefore it is a must to remove the center lock bolt.

2. Handling

The Maruha exclusive tool that we are introducing this time can fix the crankshaft easily.
First of all, the Crank Pulley is removed. (Only the 4 bolts of M6 are removed)

Next, the Lock Plate is fixed to the Pulley Boss by using the bolt that belongs to the set.

Please make sure that you use this bolt because it is a heavy-duty one.
Please use the TAIRA washer simultaneously.

Loosen the Center Bolt and fix the Crank by using Glass Wrench etc.

The center bolt may become very hard because of rust adhesion etc. Please fix it thoroughly while paying sufficient attention to preventing damage to the part.

3. The merit: The Crankshaft can be easily locked.

It is possible to work in a narrow space even without removing the radiator.
Also the loosening and tightening of the center bolt can be done easily.

4. Important


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