Maruha Linear TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) for High Spec ECU

Supported MIATA Model: NA6CE B6 [Kit Components]

Contents of Maruha Linear TPS Kit

A throttle position sensor (TPS) is a device that transmits the throttle opening angles data to the ECU that controls the fuel consumption on the basis of the throttle angle information.
When a throttle valve is completely closed, it is at 0 degrees.
That is, whether the valve opens or closes, the TPS expresses the angles numerically.
The throttle opening angle at 0 degrees is calculated in the two following conditions: 1.
vehicle in idling state 2. vehicle in engine braking mode.
However, the fuel consuming circumstances of the two are far different.
When an engine is idling, the car consumes gas. As you use engine braking, conversely, the car does not need fuel to run.
Even if the throttle valve is closed, the different car situations bring the different fuel control strategies of the ECU into operation.
Furthermore, the TPS helps the engine ignition timing and the fuel emission control to be the most suitable by transmitting the in-depth data on the throttle position angles.
Actually, the genuine TPS for NA6CE B6 can only recognize whether the valve opening angle is 100 degrees maximum or 0 degrees.
The air flow meter of the same model, in addition, tends to provide enough air resistance to be replaced as upgrading cars, even though the device plays an important role in the engine system by measuring the amount of air entering the engine.
It means the difficulty to remove the air flow sensor from your car.
Freedom ECU developed by E&E System in Japan provides you with the freedom from the air flow meter because the ECU estimates the amount of air consumption by measuring the air sucking force of the engine through the vacuum sensor.
Freedom ECU is also suitable for fly-by-wire throttle system.
It means that the TPS sending information to the ECU is acquired to calculate precisely the throttle opening angles.

Removing air flow meter to reduce air resistance

Maruha Linear TPS features its function to measure throttle position linearly in addition with the idle/ power switch.
The product controls the fuel consumption suitably by transmitting the throttle angle data timely to a high spec ECU.
Moreover, the bolt-on design allows you to install our TPS without difficulty as long as the proper wiring work is done following the wiring diagram included in our TPS kit.
The coupler on your MIATA can be operated as the idle switch by connecting it to Maruha Linear TPS (Photo3).

Maruha Linear TPS upgrades your MIATA with drive-by-wire throttle. Have a cool driving with the excellent engine performance in quick response to your pressing the accelerator.


(Photo 4)
(Photo 4) The circuit tester helps you prevent poor wiring connection.


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