MARUHA Power Window Regulator for Mazda Roadster

3 disadvantages of NA Roadster;

MARUHA original parts for Power Window are finally now on sale after MARUHA has already overcome Air Conditioner and Hood by MARUHA ORIGINAL series before. Well, let's review MAZDA genuine parts first.

Mazda Genuine Regulator

Regulator and Motor are separately for sales so that you can buy Regulator only.
Of course, we have stocks to sell.
Since most of the troubles on Power Window come from the damage of Regulator, you can reuse Motor in most cases.
However the real issue is the up-and-down speed of Power Window.
In most cases, it is very slow. Although the lack of power or the deterioration is assumed, you are prone to end up with reuse of Motor for observation since Motor is expensive.


Well, please let us explain MARUHA ORIGINAL Regulator.
The strongest feature is the pre-install of Motor.
We don't sell Regulator and Motor separately.
The processing time can be remarkably reduced and the unnecessary cost can be cut off since there is no cumbersome assembly of the Wire and Motor Reel.
It is easy for engineers to handle and helps the uniformity of processing quality, and also it is relatively easy for end-users to challenge.
Moreover, we consign the production of Motor to a specialized manufacturer in Europe, so it has the European car characteristic of powerful Motor in addition to the high quality standard.
We deliver super-speedy Power Window compared to the ordinary genuine parts.

Recommended Exchange Items for Batch Processing

For the exchange procedure of Door Regulator, there are recommended other items for exchange as batch processing.
You should sincerely maintain each below parts as well since you take pains to disassemble the back side of Door.

1. Door Outer Molding

It's also called Draining Molding. Water drops run down on the door glass and taps into the inside of Door.
Outer Molding plays the important role to restrict water invasion more considerably than you imagine from its appearance although it is not a perfect water proof.
As Resin Hooks at the backside of Molding should be snapped into the inside of Door, it is efficient and relatively easy to exchange Molding as batch processing when you remove Door Trim Panel.
If you insert Molding without snapping Resin Hooks into Door, there is no turning back later.
Therefore this part can be installed carefully and securely only when you remove Door Trim Panel.

2. Door Lock Return Spring

Door Catcher has a small spring. This spring is not separately for sale in MAZDA genuine parts lineup so that you need to purchase Door Catcher ASSY for exchange.
It is a small part, but it breaks off if it gets rusty due to aged deterioration.
In case of any damages, Door can't be opened because Door Handle and Internal Rod can't coordinate.

Very important part. MARUHA recreates this spring with stainless steel.
It's hard to get rusty and it can maintain the performance in a long term.
Although this is a tiny small item, you can find MARUHA stellar professionalism.

3. Window Guide Rail Resin Collar

The price is per piece.
Resin Collars fixed on the glass window by bolts.
Being put inside Guide Rail, they stabilize the up-and-down movement of window.
Moreover, they suppress the vibration of Window’s inside and outside, especially the rattle of Window when the Window is stopped in the middle of air.
This Resin Collar is not separately for sale in MAZDA genuine parts lineup.
When removing glass, you often find this Resin Collar crashed and disappeared.
Even though they are still there, you often find them deformed into oval due to the pressure from Guide Rail or long term deterioration.
As a result MARUHA inspected, the mold press measurement of Guide Rail has dispersions in production so that some of Guide Rail has stronger pressure on Resin Collar.
In addition to that, genuine Resin Collar doesn't rotate on the fixing bolt so that we assume it deteriorates faster.

MARUHA designed the core part of Resin Collar which enables to rotate around the shaft lightly by hand even after fixed with bolts.
Moreover we optimized the appropriate outer size by anticipating the dispersions of mold press measurement for Guide Rail at door side.
Smooth installation and satisfactory functions guaranteed.

4. Door Weather Strip

While working on Hood, the Weather Strip at Hood side and the Front Header Weather Strip at the front glass side are recommended to replace with new ones, but the Weather Strip at door side could be the one more essential spot for exchange, too.

These 3 kinds of Weather Strip just meet up at the top of the triangle window.
If any of them get deteriorated, it will be the cause of water invasion.
Therefore it is recommended to exchange all three of them at once even when you are only disassembling one at door side.
The more important point is Run Channel.

Weather Strips stretching from the top of the triangle window into its internal bottom has a role of Guide for glass window, too.
It's called Run Channel and can be one of causes which glass stops in the air while window moving up and down.
Therefore replacing Run Channel with new one is very important thing.

5. Door Screen

Lastly please let me explain Screen. After removing Door Trim Panel, you find transparent Screen. In fact, this Screen plays a very important role. The reason why the surround of Screen is firmly sealed with Butyl Rubber, too cumbersome to disassemble, is to prevent water which invaded inside Door from getting further into Room.
If this Screen is broken or the sealing is peeled off, there might be a case that water comes into Room sometimes from the surround of Speakers.
This incident will be one of the causes why water is pooled on the floor mat before you noticing it.
Especially in case of NA Roadster, it is not a rare case that the inside of Door might have been repaired before.
If the Screen had not been processed cleanly, we would recommend you to exchange it as batch processing.
However the processing procedure is a very hard job, although it looks simple, because you have to clean off the old Butyl Rubber first and put new sealing.
Therefore small additional processing cost is inevitable.


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