SPIDER FILTER/NA and NB oil cartridges

Maruha original oil filter has started selling since June, 2022.

Spider Filter which was finally actualized includes a magnet for absorbing metal powder (fine foreign substance). It is very dependable for your Miata (MX5).


You, US customers (non-residence in Japan), don’t need to pay any domestic tax in Japan. Please refer to Japanese prices shown in parenthesis.

Engine oil is one of very important things for your engine.

Maruha tuned engine

No matter how good an engine is, if you neglect of taking care of it, its performance should be down or big damage might be happened.
Only a few people think “Any oil will do.”. Of course, high-grade oil has some special performance and effect which are not included in low-grade ones.

If foreign substance gets into the excellent oil, it becomes ruined. Therefore, everyone easily understands we need to take care of not only the oil, but also the filter.

When engine components like pistons, connecting rods, metal bearings are installed, we progress the work very nervously.
We never use dirty oil including foreign substances for assembling an engine.
However, once you start to drive, full responsibility on caring oil is taken by yourself.
You should spend more money for the oil and filter? Or you think the cheap stuff is no great difference. Of course, it depends on your idea, but if we have a chance to say, we recommend that your own engine should be kept in good condition without regretting cost and use good stuff as possible as you can.
Even if you drive on steet, you will benefit from the high-grade oil.

A series of Maruha ESTER27 is very popular among Miata (MX5) drivers and the number of repeaters is increased day by day.


These narrow holes (oil inlets) run from engine block to engine head.
Only the amount of oil provided from this narrow hole lubricates whole engine block (VVT function covered by different pathway).
All systems including cam shafts, lifters, and valves are lubricated by the oil provided from this small hole.

Oil flowing view

In case of degradation performance of filter, clean oil cannot be provided to the inside of engine.
Fine metal powder can be caught by the installed magnet.High filtration efficiency by high performance filter

Oil goes into very narrow opening, and reduces and protects metal-to-metal friction.
Smooth and clean oil is always required.
That’s why we recommend you should use a high performance-filter because filtration is very important thing.

Maruha thinks seriously about the filter.

We hope you will consider purchasing Maruha’s oil and filters!

※Notice: In case that you place an order for Maruha oil, only sea shipment is available for you. Thank you for your understanding in advance.

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