GT HOOD MX-5 Miata

The main characteristic of Miata/MX-5’s hood is its easy opening. The contrast between the top and the body is the point that interests most of the users and it can be very appealing.

Most of the Mazda genuine hoods are made of vinyl and their color is black. It is a safe choice, matches any body color and this color doesn’t fade out easily. It is a simple color, but let’s admit, it is not quite interesting.

Maruha has started the production of its original hoods in 2010.
For further information on the original hood click here.

This time we would like to introduce our new idea – Maruha’s original GT hood with stripes.

When designing this hood we were keeping in mind sportiness. We wanted to give the hood an atmosphere of sport and race.
In between sports cars, especially the CLASSIC MINI has been famous for its Union Jack style roof. Lately, we were interested in fashionable designs like those of BMW Mini, Fit Abarath 500 etc.
We started thinking of a way to import this kind of fashion into the world of Miata/MX-5 hoods. After discussions with the hood makers’ engineers we started designing our GT hood.


Depending on the material of the hood the prices change. Feel free to contact us for further information.

Quality of the material

Maruha’s original hood has many points that can be emphasized. The first is the material. The material we use is the same as that of high quality European cars like BMW, AUDI, MERCEDES, PORSCHE etc.
Compared to Mazda’s genuine product, the cloth is thicker and its quality is better.

CAD processing

The stripe is inserted by a very time-consuming procedure.
Everything starts with CAD processing.
The main factors are cloth allowance, seam allowance etc. with rigidity and cost.

Inserting a stripe into the hood – this might seem to be very easy, but there are many important things to note.
First of all, we gave priority to the insertion of the stripe.

If we set up the stripe on top of the cloth, that part will become thicker. This means that when we open the hood, it doesn’t fold nicely. Furthermore, with a double cloth the silhouette doesn’t become sharp and the whole design falls apart.
Note how precise the line is at the front and under the window.

If the stripe wasn’t fixed, there would be a gap in between the front header weatherstrip and the hood.

As you can see, when inserting the stripe, we have to clear lots of problems, as that of the silhouette, the folding at opening, the adherence with the weatherstrip, the cost etc.

Inserting the stripe

The stripe is inserted by a cut-in method. The base material and the cut-in stripe have the same height and the thickness is the same too.
It is properly fixed from the inside by taping and you don’t have to worry about rain entering inside.

You can see how minute the design is.

The stripe with vinyl

The stripe in the case of vinyl is being inserted in the same way as in the case of cloth.

The stripe with cloth

The cloth’s stripe’s production method is very troublesome and it takes a lot of time.
You can choose out of luxurious, high quality and different colors, which you cannot get in the case of other cars.

For example: the red one. There are different shades of red, but in the case of red used for our hood it is a dark color. To this red cloth we add a grey stripe.

What do you think?
A hood with a sporty color has been born.
Our GT hood’s concept is the contrast between the hood’s and stripe’s color and the emphasis on sportiness.


There are 2 types of stripes:

  1. 10cm wide center stripe ×2
  2. 5cm wide offset pinstripe ×2

Type-A (for NA; acrylic window/zipper/vinyl)

Type-B (for NA; acrylic window/zipper/cloth)

Type-D (for NA/NB; glass window/heating coil/vinyl

Type-E (for NA/NB; acrylic window/zipper/cloth)

BLACK + GREY center stripe
BLUE + GREY center stripe
BROWN + GREY center stripe

GREEN + GREY center stripe

RED + GREY center stripe

BLUE + GREY offset pinstripe

BROWN + GREY offset pinstripe

GREY + RED/GREEN offset pinstripe

GREY + RED/BLUE offset pinstripe

GREY + BLACK/RED/BEIGE offset pinstripe

Hood assembly

When we assemble our hoods, we always use a new genuine rain rail by Mazda.
It is a part that is very important and cannot be exchanged later easily.

This ASSY is a preparation for the hood’s setup and it shortens the needed time. Thanks to this we can install the hood in a few hours and our customers from far locations can get everything done in less than a day.

We check the link properly and then carry out the painting.

We want to supply our customers with beautiful hoods that look good not only from the outside but from the inside too.
The repainting of the link makes it more resistant to rust.

The part below is the belt-line mould.

For its exchange it is necessary to remove the hood ASSY, that’s why we recommend its simultaneous exchange when setting up the hood.


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