Maruha’s complete differential for Mazda Miata

When assembling the LSD and making changes in the final gear it is necessary to be very skillful.
Naturally, one needs special tools but it is also necessary to adjust the pinion gear’s height, the ring gear’s back rush and it is also important to have experience with the heavy-duty differential mount’s press fitting. It is possible to carry out all this work in a well equipped workshop or a workshop specialized in races with skilled mechanics but it is not recommended to start the work alone at home.

However, if it was only the removal of the differential assembly it can be carried out in any workshop. It is even possible for someone who has some experience with cars.

For this reason we started selling the complete differential. It makes the work and the exchange easy and shorter.


The special output shaft also belongs to the set.

Final gear & Maruha LSD installation・heavy-duty differential mount exchange

NA8/DC-LF3.9, 4.1, 4.3, 4.4,4.7,4.8,5.1

We reuse the case but the inner parts are all new.


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