About Maruha’s complete differential for Mazda Miata

We received many inquiries about the complete differential and for this reason we have been very busy with its production.
For this we have to thank our customers.

Out of the orders we receive, the most popular ones are the following:

1. (for NA6CE) NA6/DC-LF4.8
2. (for NA8C, NB) NA8/DC-LF4.7 or LF4.8

NA6/DC-LF4.8 means:
For: NA6/NA6CE
/DC: means with complete differential
L: means with Maruha’s LSD
F4.8: means 4.8 final gear is set up
Plus: heavy-duty differential mount, all the necessary genuine parts (bearing, oil seal etc.)
Oil: REDLINE oil (75w-90)
Case: the aluminum case is treated with sand blast

LSD with 5.1 final

The case after blast treatmeant

Maruha’s LSD is a high quality product which we recommend with confidence. However, we also know that our users have their own ways of thinking and their preferences. For this reason, we also keep in stock Mazda Speed LSD and ATS carbon LSD.

Please feel free to contact us for further information.


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