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Maruha Final Gear Lineup MX-5 Miata

Final Gear

What is the final gear for a general user? Let us explain the mechanism first.
The final gear is the part that is composed of the differential that is located at the center of the back tire on the right and left.
The final gear is composed of set parts. I.e. Pinion Gear and the Ring Gear.
The set of Pinion Gear and the Ring Gear is called the Final Gear within Differential Gear .
Tuning means modifying this gear ratio.
The standard parts associated with the final change are as follows.

  • Pinion Gear Bearing (Front)
  • Pinion Gear Bearing (Rear)
  • Distance Piece
  • Mitt Oil Seal
  • Lock Nut

It is recommended to exchange these 5 parts simultaneously.
It is also advisable to exchange the oil seals of the Diff.Case side to prevent oil leak.
If after the installation during the test drive it is found that oil is leaking then it is waste of time and resources.
In such a case installation needs to be done from the beginning.

Final gear3.99
ファイナル ギヤ 3.99
code:M037-27-110B For NA8C NB
Final gear3.6
ファイナル ギヤ 3.63
code:mar17020200 For NA8C NB
Final gear4.11
ファイナル ギヤ 4.11
code:M068-27-110B For NA8C NB
Final gear4.30
ファイナル ギヤ 4.30
code:M061-27-110C For NA8C NB
Final gear4.44
ファイナル ギヤ 4.44
code:maz04052025 For NA8C NB
Final gear4.60
ファイナルギア 4.60
code:mar13082800 For NA8C NB
Final gear4.77
ファイナル ギヤ 4.77
code:maz04052026 For NA8C NB
Final gear4.87
ファイナル ギヤ (生産終了) 4.87
code:maz04052027 For NA8C NB
Final gear5.12
ファイナル ギヤ (生産終了) 5.12
code:maz04052028 For NA8C NB

For NA6 are as follows

Final Gear
Final gear4.85
ファイナル ギヤ 4.85 (生産中止)
code:maz04052034 For NA6CE

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